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Choosing the right DVR – small step to keeping your home safe

We’ve talked a lot about CCTV related products, cameras and accessories. But there is so much more to it. The quality and value to the money of such products as DVR’s, NVR’s, fixed lens analog cameras as well as varifocal AHD cameras are also enormous and very popular among our customers. There are various combinations … Continued

The Value of Rugged Phones

As part of our new series to understand how our key users could be used to help make their working lives much easier.  Just a day on any site, whether it is a farmhouse or a construction site, could be an eye-opening experience. More importantly, we have to know that from practicality to safety, rugged … Continued

Securing Your Home and Farmhouse

There have been massive changes in the security sector for private and domestic home use. We hear demands to continuously improve cost, schedule, safety, and quality – but what are the results? CCTV systems cameras were serving as deterrents, just as seeing multiple alarm systems, encourages intruders in deciding that it’s easier and safer to … Continued

How SME Can Benefit from Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

When you think of Artificial intelligence or machine learning you usually think of big companies like Google or Amazon that have successfully incorporated these innovations into their platforms. AI/ML solutions require vast volumes of data, so small companies are often hesitating to integrate AI into their business workflow. But these days, turning your small business … Continued

Security Systems for Businesses

Businesses have their own set of financial and property risks, including physical and intellectual property theft, building damage, and employee health and safety compliance. Whatever your industry CTS Systems is capable of installing custom security systems that protect property and people – and keep your business running smoothly. Every business owner or a manager wants … Continued

Body Worn Cameras – Police Security Body Cam

The small video cameras worn on the uniform of police officers can capture video and audio evidence, and are expected to improve community safety and justice proceedings. They are known for their reliability and are becoming essential for all high-risk situations and procedures. We have a lot of learning on record about the usage benefits, … Continued