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Common security solutions claims – DEBUNKED

You have probably asked yourself a million times how can you protect your home without paying high monthly monitoring fees or dealing with multiple installations? There are several blogs, sites and social media posts recommending products and brands, but a lot of valuable tips get lost in the chatter. Having years of experience in securing … Continued

Cyber Security Threats

CTS Systems` clients can expect a high level of professionalism, an individual approach and guarantees of quality. Our experience and professionalism guarantees the quality and timely performance of projects of any complexity and volume. That is why we expanded our service to a new website, CTV Services. What exactly is Cyber Security? We are commonly … Continued

How to buy the best PC (for you)?

Computers have come a long way since the old days. Considering the “old days” were just a decade or two ago! We clearly remember pushing furniture and getting the room for the new family member. Today, you can get a powerful desktop PC the size of a, um, mobile phone. But that`s another story. Desktop … Continued

How to secure your premises using Home and DIY products?

  You`ve probably asked yourself couple of times how can you improve your home’s security without paying professional installation and monthly monitoring fees? A Home & DIY security system may be a perfect solution for you. This is almost perfect for renters and homeowners who like a one-time investment in equipment and a complete control … Continued

How to Tell If Your Security System Has Been Hacked

  Based on our previous experience, we found a few reliable indicators that your security system, camera, baby monitor or nanny cam may have been hacked. If you hear unusual noises or voices coming from your IP camera or baby monitor, that’s one reliable way to tell if someone has hacked into your system. Or … Continued

Satellite Installations in 2018 (and why you shouldn’t give up)

Once you might have found yourself searching for trained and trustworthy satellite installers or satellite repair engineers in your area. There are all sorts of satellite issues that could cause disruptions to your normal satellite TV viewing. Whether it’s the partial or total loss of picture, pixelization, the loss of sound or complete loss of … Continued

What`s up with Android Boxes?

This is the most common question among our new customers. What, where, and usually why would I buy such thing. As long as you enjoy watching TV that you don`t have to pay a fortune for, the only important thing is picking the right android box or android TV dongle. An Android TV box is … Continued

Broadband deals in Ireland

There are many different options from which to pick if you are looking for broadband deals in Ireland. And you just might feel like sometimes there is just too much choice available. There are hundreds of available packages out there, all looking the same – and you need to check it by yourself to even … Continued

PTZ IP Camera to the rescue

Maybe you`ve been in this situation before? It`s 4:00 AM, with -5° temperatures or below outside a truly bone- chilling setup. It`s been almost four hours since you got into the house at 00:15, and the blankets on the bed have barely warmed you up! But, it’s time to get up and go check the … Continued