CCTV solutions to business and private homes

CCTV Installation offers

CTS Systems provide a range of CCTV solutions to business and private homes. So whatever your technical requirements or budget we have a system to suit your needs.cctv wexford 1

CCTV Security Systems & Home Alarm Installations

CTS Systems Wexford is fully capable of providing a system that is right for you, Whether it’s a simple Alarm or the latest CCTV technology. CTS Systems IT specialists Wexford have an experienced security systems installation team that will work with you and around your schedule to arrange a convenient time to have our installers come out and set up your security system. You can have peace of mind because our team will install the system professionally and actually show you on how to use it on the day of installation.
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Highest standards security

Our Sub Contracted service technicians are fully qualified for all technical security systems and home automation. Their expertise and accuracy is excellent, as well as their work ethic in order to achieve the results that are consistent with the highest standards in the industry.

There is always a security manager at hand that oversees the installation, testing, training, and delivery of the system to the end user, so as to ensure customer satisfaction without all the hassle. No matter if it is a small system, burglar alarm or home automation for your home or business in an office or a more complex solution of a networked and fully integrated system for your company – you get to use a fully functional system constructed in accordance with all applicable standards and regulations required by the PSA.

CTS Systems has everything from public security surveillance systems to small office/home alarm systems. Offering you only the best in wired and wireless security cameras, smart alarms and door phones to set your mind at ease.

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Security Cameras and Systems and Surveillance Camera Kits

Demand for security cameras and surveillance equipment has never been higher. CCTV and wireless systems are increasingly being employed for a wide variety of uses. From crime prevention to transport safety whether it’s for governmental, business or home security. Plenty of options to choose from! The best wireless security cameras and alarm systems incorporate the latest and most advanced surveillance and monitoring technology.

These systems are installed and trusted around the world – from discrete mini-cameras to professional grade outdoor security cameras. We offer a one-stop shop for the best surveillance and security equipment. This can help maintain public security, protect private property and tackle crime. CTS Systems cameras are suitable for public area safety, shop CCTV, warehouse and factory security, university campus monitoring as well as workplace attendance and access.

What’s Included In The Security Product Line-Up?

Our products include door video phone systems, long range walkie-talkie sets, LED security lighting, voice recorders, forensic UV lights, CCTV cameras, home alarm systems, smart home alarms, fingerprint door systems, and outdoor security cameras. So, whether you want a cute baby monitor with night vision or a complete 8-camera surveillance kit with night vision security and motion detection – we have a product for you!

Today’s surveillance camera and security equipment are increasingly easy to install. The digital technology used in many of our systems means that you can integrate IP cameras and other surveillance devices with your PC, Smartphone, tablet or TV.

Select from a huge range of home/office & work place security options. The intelligent smart alarm security systems provide remote notifications via apps or SMS messages. They can be controlled from almost anywhere through your phone.

With top functions and low prices, our security and surveillance products have a wide appeal. Our entire range of surveillance and security equipment is stocked and ready to ship. CTS Systems controls every item before it’s sent out so high standards are guaranteed. Look out for our discounts and special deals to pick up a bargain!

What Security System Do I Need?

Whether you just want to deter vandals or have valuables to protect there is a surveillance system that’s right for you. Video door phones and secure access systems such as fingerprint door locks and smart doorbells. These can be your first line of defense for controlling access to sensitive areas in your home or business.

A fake camera or dummy camera can give the impression of tight security even when there isn’t any. This could be the ideal and cheap solution to scare off vandals and make potential criminals think twice. These fake cameras also have the benefit of being cheap and easy to install.

We have professional surveillance camera systems to deter even the most determined criminals. Many of these security systems come with wireless cameras connected to a DVR or NVR system. They also comprise of alarm notifications that will alert you to any disturbance.

Wireless security camera systems make for a much easier install and save a heap of money with cabling. This is especially true if you want to spread them around a large property or position them many meters from the recorder. CTS Systems wireless outdoor security cameras may cover a large areas like farms, storage facility or public space.

Security Systems for Businesses

As a business owner or a manager, you want to be fair to your employees but you don’t want to be taken for granted either. You can easily manage and record the exact time an employee has worked per day with our fingerprint time attendance Systems. The systems can typically store 1,000 or more different fingerprints and record thousands of clocking events.

You’ve worked hard to turn your convenience store into a profitable business. Ensuring you has the right stock attractively displayed means growing your customers’ base. It’s a profitable shop, and you want to keep it that way. A wireless security camera system, such as a four-camera NVR security system, could be the next best thing. This sort of system is easy to install and use. You could point one camera at the cash register. Another facing your customers, have one keeping an eye on your shelves while another is watching the store room.

This sort of system completely eliminates the hassle of complex cabling. It also lets you record the video output day and night. The possibilities are endless, as is the peace of mind by knowing you’ve got eyes everywhere. Having the digital evidence to present to the authorities, means you are well protected.

Video Door Phone Security Kit

Our Security Video Door Phone Sets are far more than a stylish video intercom. They can offer a complete home surveillance package that can be expanded to meet your needs. Such systems typically include a sleek control panel with a large monitor. There will be an outdoor security camera/intercom with built-in LED lights for maximum visibility day or night.

The two-way intercom means you can talk to your visitors as well as see them. Most have support for an electronic lock enabling you to open your door at the touch of a button. The system may have additional video input connections. You can connect extra surveillance cameras and place them on your property wherever the blind spots might be.

How to Choose the Right Surveillance Camera Equipment

There are many factors to consider when purchasing security and surveillance equipment. For IP camera and DVR systems, you should ensure that cameras record enough frames per second (FPS) to give you a smooth image. Typically, business and home users should expect between 15 and 30 FPS for adequate playback. Secondly, you should consider video compression. There are three types of compression – MJPEG, MPEG-4, and H.264.

H.264 is the most sophisticated of these and uses the least bandwidth. This means you can use more cameras on the same broadband connection and record more hours of video onto a hard drive. For other equipment, you should ensure that its feature set matches your requirements now and in the foreseeable future. For instance, if you are planning to move to new premises in the foreseeable future invest in a CCTV system like an NVR that can grow to suit your needs.

Also, if you see a cool new product on another website and wonder if we could source it for you at a cheaper price, why not check out our NEW releases section or contact us. We would be more than happy to help you!