The Value of Rugged Phones

As part of our new series to understand how our key users could be used to help make their working lives much easier. 

Just a day on any site, whether it is a farmhouse or a construction site, could be an eye-opening experience. More importantly, we have to know that from practicality to safety, rugged phones are really the ultimate tool to have on site, whatever the job!


Just imagine the situation, you’re surrounded by mud or wet concrete, and your precious phone falls out of your back pocket and drops into a mud pit. Wouldn’t it be great to throw it in the nearest bucket of water, confidently knowing your phone is totally waterproof?

Just calmly shake off the water and show around your phone is still working just fine!


 Another bonus of the phone’s rugged features is that it is drop tested from 1.8metres onto concrete, ideal for when up ladders!

So, we have to recommend an absolute star among our rugged phones!

Blackview BV6000S 4G Rugged Mobile Phone

This Blackview BV6000S  rugged mobile phone is survivable in harsh outdoor environments and features a waterproof level of IP68, this breakthrough limitation allows you to take photos whenever and wherever you like, even in rain or underwater. This phone is also shockproof and dustproof.

The BV6000s also comes equipped with the 5th level of the 3rd generation Corning Gorilla Glass, which allows you to use the touch screen even with gloves on whilst providing high levels of screen protection.

This durable phone also features a front and rear camera, an 85 degree 2.0-megapixel front camera and an 8.0-megapixel top level rear camera with a wide aperture value of F/2.0. Also features a long-lasting battery with a fast charge of only 4 hours.

Connectivity and other features

The BV6000s features a 4G+ network connection the runs 3 times faster than 4G, allowing for an upload speed of up to 50Mbps and a download speed of up to 150Mbps.

– A faster and more reliable dual satellite positioning.

– Atmospheric pressure sensor.

– Tough yet stylish bi-material injection molding frame.

This Blackview BV6000S tough mobile phone is a durable piece of kit that retains all of the functionality of a high-quality smartphone and is a must-have item for all outdoor enthusiasts throughout Ireland, the UK and even worldwide. 

One of the important parts of using a rugged phone is to pair it up with your security gear and all calving and lambing cameras you have in your property.

See what kind of cameras you could use along with your rugged smartphone

Rotating Zoom Farm Cameras – most of our rotating zoom PTZ Farm CCTV Cameras  are HD, Digital, IP 66 waterproof/dustproof and have Led Night Vision. We have wired, wireless, with GSM, allowing you to view the site on your phone if required and are ideal for monitoring large farm sheds and calving pens.

HD PTZ Calving cameras and Rotating Zoom Pan Tilt Zoom Calving / Farm Cameras with 360-degree rotation are ideal for calving season and farmers can monitor sites on their TV, iPhone & Android mobile phone.

This makes them suitable for all uses, from outdoor CCTV surveillance to monitoring farms, cattle, and ewes in large sheds. All our systems can be made wireless with a PTZ wireless controller.

Things to check for in a rotating zoom camera

The main thing to ensure is that the camera is a full 360-degree camera and not a 355 or less (it is possible).  In that case, you will need to keep turning the camera back on itself as it won’t do a full 360-degree movement. Also ensure that the camera should be 10 x zoom (optical zoom, not digital zoom) as this would be the standard requirement for a cattle shed.

 Cameras with 3, 4 or 5-time zoom don’t have the range for a clear sight in the cattle shed. Also, ensure that the cameras are metal with a metal bracket. In plastic cameras, the glues and sealants that keep the camera together and make them waterproof and durable tend to lose their contact with the plastic and so the cameras tend to be damp and fogged up by the next cattle season. Also if the brackets are plastic then they tend to split sometimes when you are screwing them in with a drill.

A lot of things to check before pairing up your favorite rugged phone with some useful security camera kits, isn’t it? So, don’t be a stranger, read our latest news and stop by anytime!