Windows 8.1 Tablet pc

Windows 8.1 Tablet pc

When you think of getting a tablet, chances are the iPad or Android tablets come to mind first. But if you plan on using the device for work, a Windows 8.1 Tablet PC may be a better solution.

1. More choice

There are lots of Windows tablets to choose from, as opposed to two iPad models. There are quite a few Android tablets, but many of those are cheap knockoffs so you must be careful. Choice extends to brands, with Windows slates available from all the major vendors familiar to the enterprise.

2.Docking stations

Tablets can serve as desktop systems in the office with the addition of a docking station. These devices facilitate plugging in monitors, keyboards, mice, and hard drives. Those produced by tablet OEMs are the easiest, simply requiring putting the tablet on the dock which connects all of the desktop peripherals. This lets the slate serve as the CPU that powers it all.


Docks may be overkill for some workers; a better solution may be to plug a peripheral or two into the tablet. Most Windows tablets have a USB port or two that are perfect for using portable hard drives and other peripherals.

This makes it possible for mobile professionals to hit the road with terabytes of external storage. Those working with large files — photographers and video professionals come to mind — can carry all of their work files with them.