Home Alarm Systems

Our main wish is that no unwanted visitors ever enter your property. Our Home Alarm Systems have an abundance of smart security sensors, significantly increasing the security of your home or office. Business and home alarms have been around for decades, but with the advent of new smart home technology it is possible to integrate cameras, door sensors, smoke alarms, a motion sensor alarm and more into one harmonized home alarm system capable of alerting you to all manner of hazards. These smart alarms will typically connect to a home network or utilize a GSM SIM card to send notifications and updates to your cell phone.

Devices (if applicable) usually come with an easy to use main control panel. This panel features a revised display and lets you easily control, arm, and disarm all your sensors. Our security kits are covering door and window sensors, PIR motion detection sensors, and a smoke detector. Whenever an alarm is triggered, your security system will automatically sound an 110dB alarm and send a notification through SMS or call to your cell phone.

Door and window sensors can be easily attached to any surface. Once in place, these sensors will detect the slightest of movement in your door or window. Therefore, you can be guaranteed that nobody is capable of ever entering your building again while you’re not around. Each sensor comes with a powerful battery that lets it work for up to 6 months continuously.

Home Alarm Installation

Installing our high-quality line of products will completely satisfy your visual, access control, intrusion and integrated system requirements.
And upon your demand, we can assist or completely install your new home alarm systems. Our certified security and fire technicians will assess your precise security needs and requirements, provide an evaluation and recommend the right combination. And as a family friendly company, CTS Systems installers will do all they can to promote the safety of your community, businesses, and families.

Home and Personal Security

Our smart home security system combines home security, emergency alarms, and elderly care by pushing notification via Wi-Fi or GSM to your Smartphone via the iOS or Android app. The package consists of an alarm panel, PIR detector, door/window sensor two remote controllers and a medical button. Each of the sensors comes with a QR code that you just scan to add to the network so it’s easy to keep expanding the alarm coverage throughout your home or workplace.

Alarm panel controller is able to support sensor like fire alarms, water leakage detectors, smoke detectors, emergency zones, medial SOS emergencies buttons, door and window sensors as well as PIR motion detectors for a comprehensive system to alert you to any situation in your home. The Wi-Fi and GSM alarm panel will detect if any of the sensors are trigged, so if an intruder trips the door and window alarm or the PIR sensor is tripped you will be notified.

A family member can keep the medical alarm with them and in case of emergency, so if they have a fall or need urgent assistance they can simply press the button to alert family members ensuring that should the worse happen you can come to their aid. With a built-in microphone and speaker, you can even communicate remotely to reassure them that help is on the way.

Keeping your family and home safe from all eventualities gives you peace of mind and acts as a guardian angel over the ones you love. Every product comes with a 12-month warranty, brought to you by CTS Systems the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale security.

DIY Security Systems

Often referred to as DIY security systems the business and home security systems are quick and easy to install saving you money. Many come with free mobile apps for iOS and Android users so the alarm monitoring is taken care of by the user rather than requiring a monthly security fee or service charge. This contract-free monitoring is an ideal way to manage your home security and flexible enough to meet your needs with customizable setups.

Wireless Alarm System

Wireless home security system is one of the most appropriate security systems choices for those wanting flexibility and an easy set up. They allow greater flexibility on where cameras, door alarms, motion detectors, and alarms are setup. A big advantage in rented or leased properties where there could be restrictions on laying cables and installing fixtures. Additionally, you can quickly expand the system with very little effort and if your needs change it is easy to reposition sensors, and IP cameras to address changing security concerns.

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