PTZ IP Cameras

PTZ IP Cameras

PTZ IP Cameras  (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) are essential for keeping track of larger areas without the need to buy more cameras. The higher degree of maneuverability and control offered ensures you always get the view you need. Browse our PTZ security camera selection & see what we have to meet your needs.

What is a PTZ Camera?

PTZ IP cameras are mainly used in the field of surveillance in a large public area or at home. PTZ means Pan Tilt Zoom so you can use the IP Camera software through your network or the internet to control what you are viewing through the IP Camera. Check the description for the actual nature of the zoom, as lower end cameras will simply be digital zoom, and if proper optical zoom is available, this will be specified clearly in the description.

How do they work?

PTZ IP cameras are controlled through a remote system. A user can do an initial configuration to let the camera move in a certain defined pattern. The other way is to control it manually with an interface that can easily be controlled with a mouse or a keyboard. You can basically control the angle of the lens and rotation so that the camera adjusts its position accordingly.

PTZ Security Camera Construction

Because the PTZ camera needs to be completely mobile, the camera itself usually has a sphere design. Either the camera itself–the lens and sensor mechanism–is structured in the shape of a sphere and held so it can pivot as desired, or the camera has a more traditional design and is placed in a protective, spherical bubble where it can pan, tilt and zoom and make its recording through the shield.

Important PTZ Security Cameras Terminology

PT versus PTZ: some cameras are only able to pan and tilt, but not zoom. Usually, pan and tilt functions are enough if you want to cover a small area such as your living room. However, if you plan to use IP cameras for security in a shopping mall, then you will really need an IP camera with the additional zoom function. Night vision: PTZ IP cameras with night vision come with LED lighting built in to maintain visibility in dark environments. This could, for example, be used for outdoor use. High-definition: Some cameras have HD capabilities so you can record very detailed images.

Benefits of PTZ cameras

As these devices can be controlled from a distance, the person operating it does not have to be close to the camera. Once it’s installed, it requires not much maintenance, except for the fact that you need to clean it regularly. The mobility in movements makes it useful to track objects as it moves and following it as long as the object is within the range of the lens.

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