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We know that your security and the security of your family have the highest ranking on the list of your priorities. The times when we could leave our homes unlocked for just a quarter of an hour are way past behind us. So, many of us spend quite a lot on the latest technology related to home security. All these trends are bringing a fast growth to the global home security market – but what about a regular guy who wants to upgrade his way passed system?

Home security has a different meaning for people, for the sole purpose of home security to different systems and gadgets including motion-detecting lights, security cameras or a full “smart home” option. Any given solution has to have an answer to one question: What do you need to feel protected and have peace of mind?

Cost friendly DIY

In earlier times, security systems were notoriously unreliable, produced a bunch of false alarms so many homeowners stopped using them. Nowadays you can buy DIY home security systems that are most importantly – extremely reliable, easy to install and affordable. You can add on top of that some wireless smoke/heat detectors, and spend just a few euros more for a completely satisfying DIY alarm system.

You have the flexibility to choose how and when you monitor your home, and can always upgrade to a professionally monitored service and security installation service. Until that day, DIY home security solution will help to protect your home and your family.

With our senior citizen phones, you can easily get in touch with the elders in your family and check on them anytime. They would feel more comfortable to deal with our specialized phones with a handful of customized features. By connecting their new phone with our home security systems, you can have peace of mind and know they are always safe and easy to reach.

Home Automation Systems by CTS Systems

Our smart home category is full of innovative and trendy home automation systems and kitchen gadgets. All smart home products in this category are in stock and shipped out the next day after your order is placed.

In a few words – A (smart) home product is anything that can automatically execute certain tasks, making life more convenient at home. Take, for instance, speaker light bulbs that can be controlled from your phone so you can listen to music anywhere in your house that has these LED light bulbs applied. In other words, with smart, we really mean anything with just a click away.

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