Baby Monitors and Accessories

Baby Monitors & Accessories

Find a full selection of our wireless Baby Monitors and Accessories.

A kind hand for all tired parents – CTS SYSTEMS offers best selection of baby video monitors and accessories. Rest assured by knowing exactly how your baby is doing regardless of whether it is night or day. Pick your favourite Wi-Fi baby monitor. They are super easy to install and use and will do the job flawlessly.

CTS Systems has been the leader in movement baby monitors for 15 years, providing optimal peace of mind for millions of parents around the world. The 2-in-1 monitor offers parents high quality video (day and night) and crystal clear digital sound quality. Trusted by hundreds of grateful parents, they are easy to use and packed with innovative features. Features include continuous sound monitoring; Talk Back, Temperature Control and Out of Range Indicator. Our units also act as a soothing night light, allowing you to check on your baby with minimal disruption.

Baby Monitors and Accessories for a peace of mind

Enjoy the high quality camera feed on the monitor and night, or day, this camera will provide a quality image due to the built-in night vision. A wireless baby monitor ensures you’re always there for your young one with a night vision feature to allow you to see your child when it’s dark. The monitor and camera can work as a two way intercom therefore you can hear the noises from your baby as well as communicate via the baby monitor and camera setup. Monitor could have an effective range of up to 100 meters meaning you can be in another part of the house and can still view your baby clearly on the monitor. With our Baby Monitors and Accessories, allow yourself some time to watch TV, entertain guests, and do household chores, exercise, and even sleep. This is all you need – allow yourself a peace of mind, because you will always know when your baby needs you.

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