Laptop accessories

A reliable desktop computer or laptop is usually incomplete without the right computer/laptop accessories. They come in various forms and shapes. In this section, we are happy to offer you a selection of wireless keyboards and ergonomic computer mice.

You may choose to purchase a wireless keyboard or mouse for various reasons. A wireless keyboard can act as an addition to your laptop when you prefer the comfort of a bigger keyboard. It could be an economical solution too if your desktop or laptop keyboard is broken or not functioning well. Whatever your reasons for going wireless might be, there are great benefits following.

Benefits of CTS Systems Laptop Accessories

One of the greatest things about anything wireless is convenience. With a wireless keyboard or a wireless mouse, you won’t have the trouble of hooking them up, untangling the cords or being tied down to one spot.

This opens up to the second benefit – portability. You can move a wireless keyboard to any spot in your apartment or even bring it along outside. If you want to use your TV screen as a monitor for your computer, having a wireless keyboard and mouse set is just ideal.

Wireless devices also allow you to have a tidier workspace. Cords tend to get dusty and get in the way of other devices you may have on your desk. A wireless keyboard or mouse can perform the exact same functions as a wired one with less clutter. And you will also face a lower risk of a fire hazard.

Types of Wireless Keyboards Online

Standard Wireless Keyboards

Standard wireless keyboards do not come with any specific uses or extra features and fulfill all the tasks that you would expect from a regular keyboard – minus the cord. You can choose a full-size wireless keyboard or a mini one, the one with a simple design or something more intricate (like a handcrafted bamboo keyboard) – whichever suits your needs best.

Foldable Wireless Keyboards

Foldable wireless keyboards can be made of softer materials, like rubber, or come with a built-in mechanism that allows them to easily fold. Surely, this is a great choice if you have space limitations or you plan to take your keyboard wherever you go.

Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Wireless gaming keyboards, as you may have guessed, are designed with the best gaming experience in mind. This usually means that they are slightly bigger in size and come with a game controller and touchpad. A wireless gaming keyboard is a good option to have handy if you are an avid video game player or as part of your home entertainment center.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Buying Guide

What to look for when choosing the best laptop accessories? Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Mind the Range

Think how and where you plan to use your wireless keyboard and mouse and check the range before making a purchase. Some keyboards have to be in the same working area as the device you are operating, while others can stay connected through walls and at longer distances.

Go Ergonomic

Wireless keyboards and computer mice are there to improve your efficiency. Choose the ones that would feel most comfortable to you and won’t put too much strain on your hands. Larger keyboards are generally more convenient if you spend a lot of time typing, while mini-versions may suit you better if you move around a lot and use them mostly for navigation.

An ergonomic mouse is also an important component – you will find it much easier to operate without straining your wrist. Make bold statements with your computer accessories if you feel like it. There is a lot of room to experiment with color, materials, and shape – just go for it!