LED Security Floodlight with CCTV Camera



LED Security Floodlight with CCTV Camera


All-in-one Passive infrared outside light with CCTV camera, Security floodlight, speaker & DVR System.

A simple but effective product which deters intruders and is easily fitted.

Simply connect to mains power, fix to wall and the built-in DVR will record straight to the SD card supplied for complete peace of mind.

Due to the use of the latest LED technology, the LED security floodlight & camera consumes a maximum of 11 Watts power in full operation. The lamp array has an expected life of over 40,000 hours which equates to a 50-year average usage life of the product!


Main Features:


Detect the intruder

Floodlight the area

Initiate a video recording

Deliver an audible warning

Ability to record users own warning message

Captures 60,000 still images or 750 twenty-second video clips

Dimensions (W x D x H): 160mm x 175mm x 300mm


Full Specification:


Eco-friendly LEDs

High-resolution digital camera with an integral camera offers clear image recording in video or still frame format. Night images retain colour and clarity due to automatic LED illumination.

Built-in DVR records directly to 2GB SD card. Up to 750, twenty-second video sessions or 1500 still images are recorded onto the supplied 2GB SD card. Oldest Images are deleted and overwritten as the card reaches capacity ensuring recent events are always available.

Micro SD card this unit takes a Micro SD card up to 32GB.

Time and date setting.

A simple set up procedure will allow you to input the exact year, month, day, and time that will remain within the camera memory & ready to be applied to all recordings.

In the event of mains power failure, internal backup batteries ensure the settings are not lost.

PIR motion detector with integral photocell it detects the presence of intruders with proven PIR (passive infrared) technology at a distance of up to 12 meters from the unit. A photocell is employed to ensure activation is restricted to day or night operation at the user’s discretion.

PIR sensitivity and time control. The PIR can be adjusted to provide the best coverage whilst avoiding false triggers from passing traffic, animals etc. The time control adjusts how long the LED light will remain activated after the first trigger.

Audible alert speaker with choice of 3 warnings. This camera has the option to deliver one of three messages upon activation. Warning you are trespassing, warning you are being captured on video and finally a barking dog (more effective than you may think). There’s also the option to have no voice alert.

3 mode selection. Mode selection allows the user to choose the most suitable combination of functions. Light plus video at night, sound plus video in the day etc.

Secure waterproof recording control panel. The important SD card and time date controls are secured behind a waterproof door only opened with the supplied Allen key.