CCTV Solar Powered Security Light – Motion Detection, 200 Lumen


Manufacturer Specifications


  • Hand Crank power Generator function
  • Portable or fix solar PIR light
  • Infrared sensing method
  • Motion detection
  • Outdoor or indoor
  • Hand Crank power Generator function
  • Infrared detection: about 8m, 110 degrees
  • Battery type: 2x AA
  • Battery capacity: 800mah
  • Battery life about: 10 days (fully charge) depending on usage
  • 12 hours to fully charge sunny day
  • Motion detection: yes
  • Solar panel type: polycrystalline
  • Solar panel W: 0.4w
  • Lumen: 200 lumens
  • Weather proof: Yes, IP55


  • Product dimensions: 155x120x98mm(L X W X D)
  • Product weight: 408gm




CCTV Solar Powered Security Light – Motion Detection, 200 Lumen

This light is your perfect answer for a security light outside your house or other property, making you aware of any outside danger. Built to be powered by solar and dynamo action, both the sun and hand winding dynamo technology give you have two different way to always keep this security light in power! Bright and sunny day? Let the sun do the work for you charging the battery. Cloudy and gloomy? Use the hand crank dynamo to charge up the battery. Save money on batteries and electricity and be environmentally friendly at the same time! Even better, the built in battery will last for 10 days when fully charged, as the light only turns on when motion is detected and turns off afterwards.

Other great features include PIR motion detection capabilities (when motion is detected, the security light turns on), 200 Lumens of LED power, ideal design to fit on any wall or other face and can be transported with easy, a sturdy weatherproof design made from a strong aluminum composition and ABS plastic, and more.
At a Glance…

  • Solar or dynamo powered
  • Built in battery lasting up to 10 days
  • 200 lumen light
  • PIR motion detection