PTZ Speed Dome IP Camera with x27 Optical Zoom, 12 Array LEDs & Motion Detection

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You can run but you can’t hide as this PTZ IP camera has a horizontal pan of 360 degrees as well as a vertical tilt angle of up to 90 degrees which when combined with up to 27 times optical zoom means nothing can escape this IP speed dome cameras all-seeing eye. Additionally the high spec 1/4 Inch Color Sony Super HAD CCD lens allows for 12 Array IR LEDs that give this IP camera a visibility at night of up to 120 meters, therefore even the darkness of night won’t be able to protect would be intruders & thieves. With this camera it is simple to access the live video stream from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection so you can use your laptop, computer or even your portable media device such as your phone to This Speed Dome IP camera is a high-quality IP surveillance device that will help increase your on-site security. Access the camera’s video feed where ever you are.
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