What goes beyond buying a security camera kit?

It all starts with a good physical security. Our customers often wonder if they should bother investing in home security systems, or to buy some not-so-fancy security camera kit. Of course, we get it. People hate changes, they don’t like picking around their house and what not. Particularly if you’re from a notoriously safe community, or you know your neighbors almost all your life, that would seem unnecessary. This is extra expense you just don’t need, or can be put on the long finger, is it?

There are plenty of practical reasons to install a quality security camera kit and the reasons might surprise you. Beyond the peace of mind that comes with quality security systems, you have quite a few reasons why modern security cameras are a quality choice for you and your home.

Having that in mind no one should forget to strengthen doors, locks, and windows. Cameras and home alarms as being an effective deterrent against burglars cannot physically protect your home. This is only to be considered as a back-up and a good upgrade. No matter how relaxed and safe you might feel at the moment, you must take every necessary measure to keep your home safe.

Later, when you took care of the doors and windows, you can deal on how your alarm and security system operates, and what are the first few steps you`ll take in a case of emergency. You and all other members of your family must have a full info about how your security system operates. Every professional installer could take you through a small training session to demonstrate all the features and share the most important tips with you.

Keep your lights at home, and security camera kit on

We already wrote about the importance of keeping the physical security of your home tight, but we constantly question ourselves is there anything more we should add? According to some Irish security experts’ opinion, there are always a few tricks left on the issue. But above all you`ll always need a good home and contents insurance so you can quickly replace anything that may be damaged or stolen in a burglary and get your life back on track as soon as possible.
So, back on the tips and tricks – if you are away overnight, it is good to cancel all deliveries like milk or newspapers. You might keep your lights up at night, and be sure to install lights near all outside entrances. This would look as someone is home, and might scare off potential intruders. You can leave a car parked in the driveway, or ask a neighbor to park there while you are away, why not?
Another thing, thieves love new stuff. So, when you buy new appliances such as a flat screen TV, dispose of the packaging and don’t leave the box outside your house. Don’t send invitations.
Also, one more trick (or just common sense) any valuables such as cash or jewelry must not lie around or be visible in obvious places. Make sure they are securely stored. You must also take photos of valuable jewelry for insurance purposes, if you have adequate insurance cover for valuables.

Use of gravel on your driveway or pathways to your property can act as a deterrent to burglars. Keep hedges and shrubbery well clipped as they can act as a hiding place for thieves. No one should think this is not worth bothering, like someone would hide in the bushes. But, what if this (being a thief) is their only occupation, and they like to do it good?
Be safe, and be wise – and we`ll be back soon with more useful tips and tricks to protect and serve .