Time to Invest in Proper Calving Cameras – Prepare for the Upcoming Calving Season!

In rural Ireland running wires usually is not a good option. That’s why you might consider high-bandwidth wireless technology. Wireless site monitoring brings together different aspects of technology into the core system of the modern farmhouse. It significantly reduces costs, improves safety, and quality of living.

Farm security cameras are a true companion in a constant battle against farm thieves and any sort of intruders. Many farmers suffered from serious attacks and lost thousands of euros due to poor security measures. With using farm security cameras, you practice the most effective solution in preventing rural crime and protecting your property. The whole system includes cameras, monitors, and recorders.  They can easily integrate with detection devices like motion sensors that trigger an alarm and activate the video recorder in order to achieve the best results.

Most of these cameras and alarms can sync with a smartphone for activation on or off-site. Your part is just to install equipment in hidden places and in areas where break-ins are likely.

Our top Calving, Foaling & Lambing FHD Waterproof IP Camera is the best way to protect your home or business, and it is a perfect solution for the upcoming season. So, farmers, get ready! With a 1/2.9 Inch Sony CMOS, you’ll have clear visuals, so you can clearly identify the presence of any unwanted guests. Thanks to this IP camera’s pan tilt and zoom features, you can change the view of the camera allowing it to cover a wide area. Set 4 independent detection areas and alter to anyone entering those zones making it easy to monitor the entrance and exits of your building, store room or office.

This camera is protected against rain and damp so it can operate equally well indoors or out. It is holding 22pcs infrared LED lamp that brings a 20meter night vision, so you are protected night and day and in any weather. The Wi-Fi support also makes the install quicker and easier, as you won’t need to install a network cable – all it needs is to be near a power source. This also allows for greater freedom in where you place the camera and will streamline the setup and installation as well as make it easier to relocate the camera if needed.

  • PTZ control so you can remotely change the positions of the camera
  • 1/2.9 Inch Sony CMOS image sensor crisps clear video capture
  • Motion detection recording and push notifications direct to your smartphone
  • Ideal for all locations with an IP66 waterproof rating

Are Water –Resistant Calving Cameras the Best Option?

Tenvis Wi-Fi IP camera owns a tough metal water-resistant housing to keep your investment safe outdoors rain or shine. On top of that, you’ll record crystal clear images through the 1MP 1/4 inch CMOS sensor giving you high-resolution video capture at 30 frames per second. At night, the 18 IR LEDs will automatically switch on and allow the camera to keep recording clear night vision images up to 20 meters away. Also another great feature of this IP camera it the fact that it boasts a 5x digital zoom to allow you focus in on license plates, possible intruders and get a sharp look of what is really going on.

Being an IP camera it streams a live video feed directly to your computer via a wired or wireless internet connection and you’ll even be able to access the security feed from your Android or iOS Smartphone. Using Wi-Fi, you’ll have great flexibility over where to install the camera and you won’t have to connect an endless stream of wires. Just plug it in for power, set up your feed to your computer or smartphone, and let the included software take care of the rest for you.

PTZ IP Calving Cameras for Covering Wide Areas

An IP66 Outdoor IP PTZ Dome Calving Camera is the perfect tool for viewing wide areas such as large farmyards, factories, school halls, warehouses, public areas and more! This PTZ IP camera can pan through 355 degrees and tilt up to 90 degrees so nothing can escape its view.

With a 1/3 inch SONY 222 CMOS digital sensor this dome camera provides a clear crisp image at full HD resolutions and can pick out details even in low lit, dark areas. Able to see even at 0.05 Lux it is suited to cloudy overcast nights or dark locations. The cameras night vision has a range of up to 60 meters thanks to its 6 LED arrays. Its lens provides a 4 times optical zoom bringing a closer view whenever it’s needed, perfect for night time security needs.

Calving Cameras

Having motion detection alarms that can be set up for 4 areas means that the camera can cover multiple zones securely! Should it detect any unauthorized visitors you will first to know as it can send an email snapshot of the intruder and start recording their movements. This can be stored on a micro SD card and the H.264 image compression means that you should have plenty of space.


The dome camera has support for mobile Phones so you can monitor the camera feed remotely on your Smartphone wherever you have a network connection. This is in addition to the browser support so even if you aren’t around, it keeps you informed of all that goes on there. This IP security camera is suitable for outdoor use and what’s more, its Wi-Fi connectivity makes installation so much simpler reducing the limitations on where it can be located.

  • 1/3 inch Sony CMOS Sensor with low light 0.05 Lux operations for a crystal clear image
  • PTZ brings great coverage for large areas with 355-degree rotation and 90-degree tilt as well as 4 times zoom
  • Monitor the camera feed from your Smartphone and be alerted to any intruders
  • IP66 protects the camera from the bad weather so it can be used indoors or out.

CTS Systems is thinking of you!

We are offering a 10% discount to all farmers who get their calving cameras bought or supplied and installed between now & November. Claim your offer now and use this as an incentive to get things done in time. This is a great option to sit and wait relaxed for the new calves and lambs coming in December & January. And you can always call us about the great news!