T3 Rugged Phone, Waterproof Dustproof Shockproof, MTK6261DA, 2400mAh Battery, 2.4 inch, Bluetooth, FM, Dual SIM (Black)

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Product description   New High Quality Colour: Black
  1. Waterproof, true quality: We seal every possible gap and seam and use special water-proof protection for the speaker. There is no gap and seam in this phone. Everything is tight and compact. And finally, the phone can resist normal water damage so you don’t have to worry about using this phone in the rain or showers.
  2. Dust-proof, complete protection: This is very practical when you go out to a desert or dusty Building Sites or Farms for a days Work. It can be your best partner on all sorts of outdoor trips.
  3. Drop-proof, rubber exterior: The exterior of this phone consists of different composite materials. One of the most important materials is the same rubber that builds tires.
This rubber can protect the phone from dropping and heavy impact collisions with dropping on the ground accidently. Which can also prevent possible cracks and seams. When the phone hits the ground, the rubber exterior will serve as a buffer and reduce the impact to protect the inside construction.
  1. Brightest LED light, expel darkness: LED light is also a traditional feature of all good sturdy ruggedized phones.
This LED light is even bigger than previous phones making the light brighter than a normal camera flash even in the darkest of places.
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