Hikvision 2MP TVI Bullet Camera (120m IR, 5-50mm Turbo Motor Lens)

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USES of HD Bullet Camera Normally used as an outdoor camera with night time vision: To cover a driveway coming into a house or business Covers a small to medium yard or a parking area ADVANTAGES of HD Bullet Camera This is a quality high definition bullet security camera It comes with an array of IR LEDs to assist night time vision up to 120m Possible to adjust various camera settings, so it can be easily wall mounted Gives a high quality 2 megapixel (1080p) picture It is an extremely reliable bullet camera by Hikvision, the leading manufacturer of CCTV camera This is a motorised bullet camera Has a varifocal lens and can be adjusted DISADVANTAGES of HD Bullet Camera Due to the features of this bullet camera, it is more expensive than other bullet cameras in our range
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