Complete CCTV Security System with 2x Indoor + 2x Outdoor Cameras

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Complete CCTV Security System with 2x Indoor + 2x Outdoor Cameras

Complete DVR Surveillance System that features 2x indoor cameras and 2x outdoor cameras is more convenient than ever, therefore you can keep an eye on everything inside, outside, and around your home or business. This incredible and extremely versatile DVR is your professional and high-performance audio and video solution for surveillance. Use this DVR at home, stores, internet bars, small offices, and any other place you are worried about. You can connect the DVR to your monitor and watch the surveillance video, therefore, you can choose any camera or have 4 of them on screen simultaneously or program the unit to record with motion detection. It even comes with a full-featured remote control. With H.264 video compression, the video records at a lower bit rate but with higher quality, which just means better video and less storage required. H.264 is a standard for video compression and is currently one of the most commonly used formats for the recording, compression, and distribution of high definition video.

Complete CCTV Security System for your convenience

This Complete DVR Surveillance System comes with 2x indoor cameras and 2x outdoor cameras, giving you the convenience and versatility you need from a true security system. The indoor cameras are compact and portable enough to be installed in any crevice of the room, while the outdoor cameras are weatherproof, highly durable, and designed to stand up against both blunt force and force of nature. All of the cameras also include IR night vision LED lights, which automatically activate at night so you're protected 24/7. The cameras that come with this security package have a horizontal resolution of 400 TVL, which means the picture is created by electron beam scanning from the upper left and moving horizontally to the right and moving down until it reaches the lower right of the screen. 400 TV lines mean that it takes 400 scans to get the job done and this is repeated to produce a clear image.
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