5 Minute Security System Tips


Have you noticed special summer (and winter) warnings about the need of securing your homes and businesses? Everyone can act a bit careless about his or her home’s security, but no one really can afford to risk a break-in.  A good neighbor and cameras can help, but everyone should go through a security checklist and implement home security and burglary prevention advice from a trusted authority.

We`ve seen a lot of situations where people couldn`t bother to look up their doors until they heard of or experienced a close threat. As current stats are showing, one of every four Irish households has reported some kind of a break-in. A simple Google search can show us there is more than one way to protect your home.

It all starts with a good physical security

Having an alarm system will ensure a greater peace of mind but no one should forget to strengthen doors, locks, and windows. Intruder (home) alarms as being an effective deterrent against burglars cannot physically protect your home. This is only to be considered as a back-up to a good physical security measures and precautions employed to protect your home.

Knowing how your alarm and security system operates is essential before taking any further steps. You and all other members of your family must have a full info about how your security system operates. Every professional installer could take you through a small training session to demonstrate all the features and share the most important tips with you. One of the most important tips is to keep your alarm codes safe and away from any prying eyes.

What physical security measures should I take?

Your front door should have a steel frame because the strength of a door depends on the strength of the frame. Most apartments and houses in continental Europe have steel frames, and it has become a standard over the years. Regretfully, in Ireland, wooden frames are still common, meaning that doors are much easier to kick in.

Security glazing film on windows

An installer can put various thickness films onto window and door glass in order to improve home security. This film acts like the PVB interlayer in laminated glass, holding the glass together when it’s broken.  It is also prevents shards of glass flying around and causing injury or falling onto the pavements below. In case your windows are single glazed, adding an extra pane of glass, would also provide for better security as well. Double and triple glazed windows are a great option for individuals who are concerned about the economy and the environment as well. Better security with an ability to save energy could be one of the best incentives for many homeowners across Ireland.

Replacing locks cylinders

Besides wooden door frames, most door locks have weak cylinders which offer little resistance. Burglars could be able to disengage them in a nick of time. Replacing lock cylinders is neither a big nor an expensive investment. A simple DIY venture like this could become an important step in securing your home.

Replacing the cylinder lock on the sliding doors, like on the patios or at the back of the house is also very important. These doors are particularly vulnerable to break-ins, being a smooth way out for the burglars, away from the neighbors’ sight.  Always make them sweat – the more time it takes for them to access your home, the less “attractive” it will become.

A small tip: have you ever tried to lock yourself out of the house and try to get in? You should definitely try this out, if you can’t get in, even a crafty burglar will have a hard time with it.