5G LTE Filter

5G LTE Filter F type Inline 5G Blocking Filter 25dB...
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5G LTE Filter

5G LTE Filter


5G LTE Filter


5G LTE Filter

F type Inline 5G Blocking Filter

25dB LTE Block

Passband channels: 21 to 48

A convenient low-cost filter for overcoming interference to broadcast reception from LTE (5G) mobile networks

Passes all terrestrial broadcast transmissions up to and including TV channel

48 High attenuation in LTE bands, will cure the majority of interference problems, from both base stations and mobile user equipment

Low insertion loss less than 1dB and good 75 Ohm match throughout the pass-band

F connectors with good screened metal casing, helping prevent leakage around the filter

Male and female connectors allow insertion into existing systems with no need for further cables or back-to-back adapters

Power-pass: This is a pure low-pass filter and passes AC and DC line-power

Care must be taken to avoid interference pick-up after the filter.

Attention must be paid to the quality of components such as fly leads and outlet plates, etc..

These filters can be used externally you will however need to seal the f connections with self-amalgamating tape

Use is to filter out LTE signal used by 5G broadband broadcasts

The product is fitted to the cable coming from a TV aerial to block out this interference

In severe cases two filters may be cascaded by screwing them directly together

It is highly effective 5G LTE filter It can be used indoors or outdoors (With the addition of self-amalgamating tape) It comes with F-Type connectors for better connections

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