Mobile Phone (Seniors), OAP’s with SOS Calls & GPS Tracking




Mobile Phone for Seniors , OAP’s with SOS Calls & GPS Tracking

Mobile Phone (Seniors) citizens & OAP’s with GPS tracking and SOS button. This practical phone is specially designed to be easily operated.

Mobile Phone (Seniors) – easy and useful

This phone is equipped with large sized keys which make dialling a breeze for your parents or grandparents and also features an easy to use the flashlight which can be activated witch a slide of a button. In addition, an SOS button on the back of the phone can text the coordinates of the phone to a preset number of a relative and four ‘fast dial’ buttons can be preset to call different numbers in case of an emergency. And even when the phone is powered off, the SOS button can still be used. Best of all, by sending a simple text message to the old person phone, you will receive a text message back with the exact location of the phone, which helps you track where your loved ones are !!