IQ 16 Channel DVR (AHD, 960H, Analogue) With 4 TB HDD


How Much Can I Record with IQ 16 Channel DVR
Based on the following scenario
2TB Hard Drive Installed
1920x1080p Resolution (2 Megapixel)
Number of HD CCTV Cameras: 8
Recording Frame Rate: 15fps (Frames Per Second)
Recording Mode: 24/7
This will offer 9 days of stored recordings
Notes on recording rates
Selecting a lower resolution, reducing the number of cameras or frame rate will greatly increase capacity
DVR can support up to 1x 4TB Drive

USES of 16 Channel DVR
Suitable for both large commercial installations
Ideal for situations where full HD quality playback is desired
Ideal for remote viewing and remote control of PTZ Camera
Can be used where there is a mix of existing cameras already

ADVANTAGES of 16 Channel DVR
This 16 channel DVR is compatible with a lot of the CCTV cameras we sell
Known in the industry as a ‘Hybrid DVR’
It supports HD-TVI, Analogue, HD-CVI, 960H & IP CCTV Cameras
The picture quality is incredible
IQ is the market leader for professional DVRs due to the range, specification, and price
It is extremely reliable, easy to use and can support up to 16 CCTV cameras
It comes with a P2P App – it is extremely easy to setup (No need to have a static IP or setup port forwarding)
It supports networking, mobile phone & PC viewing

IQ provides a range of hybrid DVRs (4, 8 & 16 channel), all of which use identical menus, setup, and Apps
It comes at a competitive price for its specification
It can record in HD (1080p)
It has an HDMI output as well as VGA

HD-TVI / Analogue / IP CCTV DVRs are very flexible but come at a slightly (about 10%) higher price than single equivalent technology DVRs
It can’t support higher resolution 3MP, 5MP etc.. cameras
A 16 channel DVR, while allowing for a large number of cameras and future proofing a small to medium-sized setup, may just be too large for some customers


IQ 16 Channel DVR Description

Model: IQ 16 Channel DVR
Supports CCTV Cameras 2MP & Lower
16 Channel 2 Megapixel DVR
Self-adaptive AHD / CVBS Signal Input
H.264 & H.264+ encoding
Up to 2 MP Resolution For Recording
2 AHD Channels: Max. 720p Resolution
Simultaneous HDMI/VGA Output
HD HDMI Output: 1920×1080
1x Audio Input
Long Distance Transmission Over UTP & Coaxial Cable
16 Channel Synchronous Playback
4 TB Hard Drive Included
1x SATA interface w/ 4TB Max Supported
For Remote Viewing, Please Download XIQ App


USES of IQ 16 Channel DVR


Suitable for commercial and large domestic installations

Used in pubs, shops, warehouses…




It is extremely reliable, easy to use and can support up to 16 cameras

If buying with a hard drive fitted, it comes with a surveillance grade 24/7 rated drive

Supports new analog HD 960H CCTV cameras

Backward compatible with older standard resolution cameras

It supports Alarm and PIR triggers, Intercom function, digital zoom when viewing a single channel

Has HDMI output along with VGA & BNC ports

Comes at a competitive price for its specification

Supports networking, mobile phone & PC viewing

Can support hard drives up to 4TB

It supports PTZ cameras