iPhone 6 & 6s External Battery Case with 3800mAh Battery Capacity, 4 LED Power Indicators, USB Port


Manufacturer Specifications

• Battery Type: Polymer Lithium battery
• External Battery Case for iPhone 6 /6s
• Capacity: 3800mAh
• Input: DC 5V/0.8A
• Output: DC 5V/1.0A (Max)
• Charging Time: About 4 Hours
• Recycle Use Times: 500 times
• 4 LED Power Indicators
• Operating Temperature: 0 to 45 Degree Celsius

• USB Lightning Port

• Main Product Dimensions: 70 x 147 x 10 mm (L x W x D)
• Main Product Weight: 136g


iPhone 6 & 6s External Battery Case with 3800mAh Battery Capacity, 4 LED Power Indicators, USB Port

Add 3800mAh To Your iPhone’s Battery

With the external battery case for your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s, you don’t only have extra damage protection for your device, but also the additional 3800mAh to your battery. Simply mount the compact case onto the back of your iPhone and enjoy extended working time the way you want. No more worrying about that last call completely draining your battery – chat, watch, play and browse all you want with the backup 3800mAh battery by your side.

The external battery case comes with 4 LED power indicators. The LED lights will give you promptly notifications about battery status, so that you always know in advance when it’s time for a recharge.

The battery case is designed with you iPhone 6/6s in mind, and will be a perfect fit for your phone. It even comes with a nice little stand at the back, so that you can conveniently display your phone and have a better view of the screen.

Use your iPhone’s standard “lighting” charging cable to power up the battery case.
At a Glance…
• The 3800mAh external battery case is designed specifically for your iPhone 6/6s
• The 4 LED power indicators will promptly notify you about battery status
• Compact and light battery case easily mounts onto the back of your phone
• Keep your phone protected and charged throughout the day

This sleek, compact and lightweight case can easily add 3800mAh to your phone’s battery. Designed especially for your iPhone 6 or 6s, it’s simply mounted onto the back of your phone to significantly increase its battery life.