iPad Mini Bluetooth 3.0 QWERTY Keyboard Magnetic Ultra-Thin Dock


Manufacturer Specifications


Bluetooth Version: 3.0

Keys: 59

Key Life: 5 Million Strokes

Sleep Mode

Range: Up to 10 Meters

Modulating System: Gaussian Frequency-Shift Keying

Operation Voltage: 1.8 to 3.6V

Working Current: Less Than 3.0mA

Standby Current: 0.3 to 0.5mA

Sleeping Current: Microampere

Charging Current: 100mA

Operating Temperature: -10 to +55 Degree Celsius

Operating Humidity: 20 to 50 Percent

Power Source: Rechargeable Built-in Li-Polymer Battery

Battery Size: 180mAh

Usage Time: 60 Hours

Standby Time: 60 Days

Charging Time: 2 Hours

Battery Life: 3 Hours


iPad Mini Bluetooth 3.0 QWERTY Keyboard Magnetic Ultra-Thin Dock

Magnetic Ultra-Thin iPad Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard specifically designed for iPad Mini with 59 keys in QWERTY configuration is the next step to enhancing your iPad Mini experience.

With enhanced connection using Bluetooth 3.0, you can adjust the 59 keyed keyboard to be within this range before you start typing onto your iPad mini. The body holds the iPad in place via the magnet and it is compact and light to carry thanks to the ultra-thin design and therefore won’t be a burden. This keyboard dock also has a built-in 180mAh re-rechargeable lithium battery that can easily be recharged via USB and can last up to 60 hours once fully charged.

iPad Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard – fast and responsive

The Bluetooth standard QWERTY keyboard sports a clean design and offers fast and responsive typing, ideal for writing e-mails, writing documents or chatting online with friends. It also has sleep mode therefore saving energy when they keyboard is not being used but is turned on.