iPad Air Leather Case with Detachable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard


Manufacturer Specifications


Bluetooth Version: 3.0

Working Distance: 10 Meters

Power Source: Built-in Battery

Battery Size: 450mAh

Voltage: 3.7V Power Charge Connector

Input: Micro USB Charge 5V

Usage Time: 200 Hours (Approximately)

Charging Time: 1 Hour

Standby Time: 60 Days

Compatibility: iPad Air

Main product dimensions: 249x182x24mm (L x W x D)

Main product weight: 497g



iPad Air Leather Case with Detachable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Appearance is everything but so practicality and that is exactly what you get with this wireless iPad Air Leather Case that has been designed to be used with the iPad Air. Use Bluetooth to pair your iPad Air with the case and start typing away with the detachable QWERTY keyboard that comes as part of the case. Writing emails or entering any type of data will be made much simpler as your iPad Air will have a more laptop feel to it.

Bluetooth pairing will enable a connection range of up to 10 meters therefore eliminating the use for wires or cables. The leather case enhances the appearance while still maintaining a slim look that has made the iPad Air famous. Having this case with a flip cover also adds some much needed protection to the delicate iPad Air tablet. Don’t worry about the design of this case as you can still take photos as an area has been molded so that the iPad Air’s camera can still capture moments even when it is inside this leather case.