High Capacity Solar Charger and Battery with Flashlight (11200mAh)


Manufacturer Specifications

Solar Panel Type: Polycrystalline Silicon

Output Voltage: 4.2V, 8.4V, 12.6V, 16.8V, 19V

Output Ampere: 500MA/4.2V, 800MA/8.4V, 1000MA/12.6V, 1000MA/16.8V, 2000MA/19V

Input Voltage: 18V

Input Ampere: 2000MA

Flashlight: White LED

Working Temperature: 0 – +55 Degree Celsius

Battery Size: 11200 mAh

Charging Time: AC: Approx 3 Hours, Solar: Approx 180 hrs (fully recharge from no power to full)

Charging Voltage: 100-240V AC/DC

Charging Current: 2A (max)

Laptop Adaptors: 17 Different Adaptors Including Samsung, Toshiba, Delta, Acer, Liteon, NEC, IBM, ASUS, DELL and Compaq/HP Compatible Adaptors

Other: 16 Different Adaptors for Mobile Phones, Digital Cameras and Others Including Siemens C55, Samsung D800, A288, W569, Sony Ericsson T28, K750, Mini8P, LG KG90, Motorola V3, V8, Nokia N70, 8210, Audio 3.5, Audio 2.5, PSP

USB Adaptor for USB-powered Devices such as iPod, iPhone, and Many Other Electronic Devices




High Capacity Solar Charger and Battery with Flashlight (11200mAh)

High Capacity Solar Charger and Battery – Use solar power to easily, freely, and conveniently charge your portable electronic devices on the go! Includes a powerful 11,200 mAH battery, flashlight, , and 29 adapter tips for laptops, mobile phones, and many other portable electronic devices.

Never carry around multiple power cables and adapters again !! This one Solar Charger and Battery includes 33 unique adapter tips that will both power and recharge almost any portable electronic device and is extremely easy to use: Just set the battery voltage, find your adapter tip, and connect !! For even more convenience, the adapters are also quick-switch and interchangeable, meaning you can start recharging your laptop immediately after you finish charging your MP3 player!

So what devices can I use this Solar Charger and Battery with ? Check the Manufacturer Specifications at the bottom because there are too many to list! It charges most brand name laptops and mobile phones, but also works with most USB-powered gadgets, MP3 players, MP4 players, portable GPS navigators, GPS trackers, digital cameras, HD camcorders, portable DVD players, portable video game players, and an endless list of other cool tech gadgets and electronics.

With its powerful 11,200 mAh battery, this Solar Charger and Battery will provide many more hours of usage for your electronic devices and will seem like an endless power supply thanks to the constant charging by the high quality solar panels, which are protected by a layer of fiberglass. Also included is a handy flashlight button, making this device the perfect green tech gadget for the modern traveler.

At a Glance…

11,200 mAh Battery and Solar Charger

Battery itself can be recharged quickly via AC adapter, or even by solar energy

33 unique adapter tips, works with most portable electronic devices

Power and charge electronic devices on-the-go

Additional flashlight function