HDMI Cable (Galaxy S3) – USB Charging


At a Glance…

  • Watch movies anywhere, anytime on an HDTV with this HDMI cable
  • Features an extra USB connector to charge your device when in use
  • 2 meters length cable



Manufacturer Specifications

  • Interface: MHL specification V.1.0
  • Bandwidth: 25MHz-75MHz
  • Connections: micro USB (in),HDMI(out),USB 2.0(Power)
  • Video:1080P HD
  • Audio:8 channel digital audio
  • Power supply: 5V DC from USB
  • Length:2M


Product Notes

  • The “Samsung Galaxy S3” is a trademark of Samsung Group and registered in the U.S. and other countries. This is not claimed to be an authorized or branded product by Samsung Group although it is compatible. This product and our company are not affiliated with Samsung Group or endorsed by them in any way.





HDMI Cable for Galaxy S3 – USB Charging

HDMI Cable (Galaxy S3) with an extra USB connection to keep your phone charged whilst in use for an easy way to connect and charge your phone.

HDMI Cable (Galaxy S3)  – instant data acess

This HDMI cable for your Samsung Galaxy S3 is the ideal companion for your phone! The cable gives you instant HD viewing from your Galaxy S3 to an HDTV simply by plugging the cable from your phone to your HD TV for instant movies, pictures and music on a high def screen. This HDMI cable also comes with a very useful USB connector to keep your Samsung Galaxy S3 charged whilst in use!