Handheld Metal Detector – LED Light, Sound Alarm, Highly Sensitive, Meets EMC Radiation Standard, 9V Battery


Handheld Metal Detector

This handheld metal detector is a perfect gizmo to increase the security levels at parties and social gatherings. With its lightweight and compact design, this security metal detector can be conveniently used by security guards and police officers. The metal detector itself is highly sensitive and is capable of detecting any type of metal. By featuring an instant alarm, this metal detector will inform you immediately whenever a hidden object is detected. Therefore, you can be guaranteed that not a single piece of metal will pass by your security unnoticed.

Your handheld metal detector is powered by a regular 9V battery (not included). This battery treats you to enough juice to get you through the longest of working days. With its LED alert light indicator, you can always be assured that your metal detector is working properly. This security gadget meets the EMC radiation standard. Thanks to this, it can be safely used on people with a pacemaker or on pregnant women. If you’re looking for a cheap, safe, and effective way to increase the security in your bar, nightclub, or festival – this handheld metal detector is perfect for you.

Key Features…

  • Compact and lightweight handheld metal detector
  • Highly sensitive to any type of metal
  • Meets EMC radiation standards for safe usage
  • Powered by a single 9V battery (not included)


Handheld Metal Detector – LED Light, Sound Alarm, Highly Sensitive, Meets EMC Radiation Standard, 9V Battery

Manufacturer Specifications


  • Led alert light (Yellow (battery low), Red (alarm condition))
  • Operating frequency: 93 kHz
  • Audio frequency: 2 kHz
  • Voltage: DC 6.8-10V
  • Current: 5 mA
  • Battery: 9V (Eveready No. 216 or equivalent) Not included
  • Operating Temperatures: -37 to +70 Degree Celsius
  • Humidity: to 95% no condensing
  • Operating frequency: 53 kHz
  • Sensitivity to all metals including ferrous, nonferrous and stainless steel
  • Audio Alarm


  • Main Product Dimensions: 410x 80x 40mm (L x W x D)
  • Main Product Weight: 375g

Product Notes

  • Detection range is dependent upon the size and conductivity of the metal object. The larger the object is the greater the detection distance.

Package Contents

  • Metal Detector
  • User Manual
  • Headphones
  • Holder