Airsoft RC Tank Russia KV-1 with Rotating Turret, Movable Barrel, Full Suspension & Shoots BB’s


Manufacturer Specifications


1/16 Scale R/C Battle Tank

Movements: Forward, Backward, 360 Tank Rotation, Gun Barrel Up/Down, 320 Degree Turret Movement

Gun Barrel Movement: 30 Degree Up/Down

Airsoft Range: 20-30 Meters

3 Frequencies, 9 Bands Interchangable

Tank Power Source: 7.2V Ni-CD Rechargeable Battery (Included)

Remote Power Source: 8x AA Batteries (Not Included)

Operating Time: 30 Minutes

Charging Time: 5-6 Hours

Main product dimensions: 430x170x210mm (L x W x D)

Main product weight: 2190g
Product Notes

The warranty for RC toys will only be up to 3 months rather than the normal 12 months period due to the nature of this type of product and its usage. Any physical damage that occurs after delivery will void the warranty.
Package Contents

1/16 Scale R/C Battle Tank

Power Adapter (Product Specific)

Ni-CD Battery (Product Specific)

Tank Antenna (Product Specific)

Remote Controller (Product Specific)

Remote Controller Accessories (Product Specific)

Tank Accessories (Product Specific)

User Manual (Product Specific)

Airsoft BB’s (Product Specific)




Airsoft RC Tank Russia KV-1 with Rotating Turret, Movable Barrel, Full Suspension & Shoots BB’s

The Kliment Voroshilov (KV) tanks were a series of Soviet heavy tanks used by the Red Army during World War II. Known for their extremely heavy armor protection the KV-1’s were almost invincible during the first part of the war. Immune to the Howitzer-like cannons equipped by the early Panzer III and Panzer IV tanks used by the invading German forces, it was only until better guns were developed the KV-1 could be defeated. Most often, the only way to take out a KV was with a point-blank shot to the rear.

If you have always dreamt about owning your own World War II Russian Tank, this is your chance. This 1/16 scale replica of the famous KV-1 boast highly realistic details and can be fully controlled using the included Radio Controller. Drive forwards, backwards, turn 360 degrees around your axis, shoot 6mm BB pellets up to 30 meters & turn the turret 320 degrees and move the barrel up and down, all with a few presses on the remote. Resting on a full suspension caterpillar chains, the “KV-1” can take on any rough terrain and thanks to the included accessories, this tank will look like a perfect copy.