2012 Smart TouchKeypad Wireless Home Alarm System SMS GSM Access 50 Zones




2012 Smart TouchKeypad Wireless Home Alarm System SMS GSM Access 50 Zones


Touch Keypad with new modern design !!
GSM alarm and Auto Dialer 2 in 1 feature (NEW FEATURE)

This is a complete GSM wireless home alarm which based on GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz wireless network and it has an internal auto dialler & can call up to 5 pre programmed alarm phone numbers.
SMS Alert feature if any wireless sensor is triggered, the GSM control panel will send SMS to pre programmed SMS notification number, eg. Garage Door Alarm !!

01–09 9 Zones SMS alert information is available to modify !! For example, you can change the SMS “Zone 9 Alarm” into “Waiting room PIR Alarm”
SMS remote control feature You can send SMS to GSM control panel`s SIM card number and control it. If you are out of the house now and forgot to arm your alarm system before going out then you can send a SMS to your control panel etc.
DISARM SMS by FREE CALL You can dial-in to and DISARM your alarm control panel when you are out FOR FREE !!
RFID Tags access control(NEW!) G5 support 50 RFID tags to disarm the alarm system and open electronic locks.
Use as a mobile phone to call any number and have a 2-way talking
Speed Dial feature
Person can one time press the CALL icon to speed dial the pre-stored phone number.
Low Battery Voltage SMS Remind feature Two kinds of frequently used wireless sensors has this Low Battery Voltage Remind function: Two-way signal wireless door/window contact and Two-way signal Wireless Pet-friendly PIR Motion Detector, NOT available for other wireless sensors.
Dial-in to monitor the 100 sq.m site via high quality internal microphone.
Entry time delay 0 to 300 seconds programmable, so that you can have enough time to disarm the control panel when you come back home without a remote with you.
Exit time delay 0-300 seconds programmable, so that you can have enough time to walk out your house and close your door without a remote control with you.
Bypass function: you can bypass the motion detectors at night, so you will not trigger the system when you walk around at home.
Built-in 2pcs 3.7V/700mA rechargeable lithium battery enable 5hours standby of AC power outage.
Call up to 5 peoples phone numbers cycling through each phone number until you get a hold of someone, 5 SMS alert numbers, 1 speed dial number RFID alert SMS number.
Support 10 wireless remote controls, 50 wireless sensors, 50 RFID tags and unlimited wireless flashing sirens.
Learning digital code : Wireless connection between the sensors and the alarm host. It is very easy to add sensors and detectors into the system.
Built-in 1,000,000 RF codes combination maintains high reliability.
Siren time:1 to 9 minutes programmable.
Siren Volume Programmable: 0: Mute, 1: Low, 2: Medium, 3: High
Internal 90dB siren to deter intruders on site.
SOS Emergency help: in the event of emergency, you can press the panic button on the control panel or remotes to trigger the system immediately, no matter the system is armed or disarmed.
AC/DC power auto switch function : this control panel will automatically switch to the backup battery, of the AC power outage.
SMS alerts when AC power outage, AC power recovered and low backup battery voltage




1 x TouchKeypad GSM Alarm Control Panel w internal antenna (White Color)
(GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz Quad Bands,Worldwide usage!)
2 x RFID Tags
4 x Wireless Keychain Remote Control w internal antenna
1 x Wireless Panic Button
4 x Wireless PIR Motion Detector w internal antenna
8 x Wireless Door/Window Contact w internal antenna
1 x Wireless Smoke Detector w internal antenna
1 x Wireless Glass Detector w internal antenna
1 x Wired Mini Siren 120dB Indoor Usage
1 x Wireless Solar Siren 160dB Exernal Usage
2 x Alarm Warning Sticker
1 x E.U/U.S/AU/UK Power Plug
1 x English User Manual
1 x Colour Retail Packing Box