Wireless Air Mouse Smart TV Box Controllers

Wireless Air Mouse Smart TV Box Controllers – QWERTY keyboard plus remote control setup for your PC, Linux, Mac, or Android TV box for a fast and sexy way to control your Android OS of choice while surfing the net or watching media.

Combining the essentials for awesome game playing, text input, and full control over your media, this extremely diverse air mouse and remote control combo is the solution for navigating your ways any compatible system. First off, with its wireless mouse capability, you will be getting all the functionality of a mouse without the bother of having to install a wired or wireless mouse. Additionally, with its QWERTY keyboard layout, it is an ideal tool for quick and easy e-mail writing or updating social media status. As a final bonus for this 3-in-1 set, it can be used as a remote control with all the standard controls you have come to expect when watching media on your OS. This is a great way to let you have more control all from one remote controller and this wireless air mouse will assist you and enhance your TV smart box experience.

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