Farm security ideas that work

Is your farm protected against everyday crime? And have you heard of agroterrorism?
Relax, we`re not trying to scare you. Actually, all needed measures to protect your farm and property from both types of crime are quite similar. And both are well worth the effort from informing about getting the right solution for your farm. As we know, keeping the farm safe and secure is meant by taking precautions about your property and all connected biosecurity issues. This is the start point to creating a farm security plan.

So, what would that perfect plan be? Is it connected with contacting and staying in touch with Gardai, reaching out to your neighbors, or something else?

Let’s talk about this TOP 3 three ideas for now

1.Always report suspicious activity

This includes strangely acting people, unknown vehicles hovering near your property. Thieves are sometimes sending innocent-looking spotters to check out farms for anything worth of stealing. They are usually well organized and report back to the offenders, for “further proceedings”. You would be surprised, that it`s not only some shady looking stranger you need to watch out for. There were some serious offends lately in rural Ireland so any heads up would mean a lot to the authorities.

farm security watch

Some kind of a “farm watch” or another informal grouping of local farmers can easily appoint a contact person for this sort of reporting. The options always depend on whether people are ready to cooperate and involve. Farm watch programs fight crime with extra eyes, signs and security devices. Their members are taking photos and post on social media, and issue online alerts about stolen property or suspicious people.

2. Frequently checking your stock numbers

So you might face the situation that a small number of your animals are taken over a short period of time, usually by night. Its common thought that cattle thieves strike once and hard, to leave and never come back. But, it seems like some of them choose to steal unnoticed consequently for a couple of days. So keeping track of your livestock is probably a good idea in order to prevent these situations, or maybe to catch them on their return visit.

3. Invest in proper farm cameras

Farm security cameras are a real winner in the battle against farm thieves and any sort of intruders. Many farmers suffered from serious attacks and lost thousands of euros due to poor security measures. The thing is that the most effective solution in preventing rural crime and protecting your property is by using farm security cameras and video surveillance system. The whole system includes cameras, monitors, and recorders. You can integrate them with detection devices like motion sensors that trigger an alarm and activate the video recorder in order to achieve the best results.

Most of these cameras and alarms can sync with a smartphone for activation on or off-site. Install equipment in hidden places and in areas where break-ins are likely.

We know that in rural Ireland running wires is sometimes not an option. That’s where high-bandwidth wireless technology comes in place. Wireless site monitoring brings together different aspects of technology into the core system of the modern farmhouse. It significantly reduces costs, improves safety, and quality of living.

Mix it up

It is more likely to get an insurance discount if you have installed security cameras, and there is a proper chance that the insurance would insist on installing at least a basic surveillance setup before making a deal with farmers. The thing is that systems can be very cheap and could be monitored via mobile phone apps or computer in your home.

Some security experts say that safety comes in layers. If you combine two to three elements, act proactively and connect with the community, you got yourself a good recipe for living good, quality life in rural Ireland as much as anywhere.