Common security solutions claims – DEBUNKED

You have probably asked yourself a million times how can you protect your home without paying high monthly monitoring fees or dealing with multiple installations? There are several blogs, sites and social media posts recommending products and brands, but a lot of valuable tips get lost in the chatter.

Having years of experience in securing homes and businesses, we build a solid knowledge base of common mistakes and myths people face when deciding to install a security system. So, we had questions from: “would my dog and a dummy camera do the trick?” to – “do I need a smoke detector in every room?”

So, we`ve decided to make a DEBUNKED section of common but exaggerated or foolish claims regarding home & business security.

Claim #1 – Security systems are for modern constructions

DEBUNKED – Security gadgets and devices can be retro-fitted, and you don’t need a special designer, for that. Companies are offering solutions regardless of age of building or its architectural design.

Claim #2 – Alarms usually go off too late

DEBUNKED – An intrusion following an alarm, which is detected in the absence of an owner, will receive swift response from the police directly, or through alerts from contractors. So, they are doing their part most reliably, for years. There is one glitch though – our technicians always recommend window transmitters over installing motion sensors – motion sensors cause the majority of false alarms. So, door and window transmitters are the only way to detect break-ins immediately.

Claim #3 – Having a good neighbor is better than a security system

DEBUNKED -This is so old and good, but – most of us are living constantly on the go, have to finish millions of chores daily, and simply don’t have the time to look around. It is always better to cover all bases, than have to deal with consequences. You don`t have to be connected to a monitoring service that calls the authorities, but have in mind the importance of alarm monitoring. A monitoring service can contact the authorities much faster than the neighbors.

Alarms usually go off too late

Claim #4 – Someone can tamper with my Security System

DEBUNKED – Security gadgets are now mostly wireless, and it is not possible to tamper the service electronically. Home owners can make the choice between wired and wireless systems.

Claim #5 Security solutions are expensive

DEBUNKED – this claim is particularly popular with renters and homeowners who like a one-time investment in equipment, and doesn’t like to invest too much. The advent of technology has slashed the costs and security solutions are a lot cheaper and more cost effective than the solutions that were available earlier.

Claim #6 Security systems are complex and hard to handle

DEBUNKED – Home security solutions now have well organized and easy to operate interfaces, and they are becoming more user friendly by the day! They are offering a wide choice of customizable settings and configurations, too. So, if you would like to oversee installation and monitoring, consider DIY home security system – you can install most of it yourself. Home security today can be fully integrated with home networking systems and your smart devices. You will want to ensure that whatever system you purchase is compatible with any mobile device you plan to use it with.

Claim #7 Alarms are not effective deterrents

DEBUNKED – Just by letting them know that your home is protected by an alarm system, you are on a good track. Post window stickers, warning signs, make your surveillance cameras visible and no one can mistake you for an easy target. No burglar needs the unwanted attention of an alarm siren, following fast police response!

Claim #8 A well trained dog will do the trick

DEBUNKED – A dog is a friendly companion, as close as the family member. It cannot be left back at home, all by itself for a longer period, expecting them to replace a whole security setup.

It is you who is always in charge, so carefully consider one of the biggest home investments. Thanks to advent in smart home technology, you can monitor your home’s cameras, wherever you are. Alarms, cameras, motion sensors, they are always set to keep tabs on what’s happening in your home. With the right info, now it’s easier more than ever to have your peace of mind.